Nightsong EP

by Black Hay

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Nightsong 05:13
Nightsong Night falls and I’m cold inside Watching the cars as they pass on by Is that a moon in the sky or a winking eye? Leading me on my way uptown tonight I need to feel that my heart still beats Cos I’m fading away on the rain-slicked streets Arms reaching out beneath the lit streetlamps The sun is down and I’ve nothing to hide It’s all falling but my arms are open wide And anyway I’m drawn to the lights like a fly in a trance So Come up and dance For one night, To forget everything Then if tomorrow comes I’ll face what it brings The moment here is all I want To use for a knife though it may be blunt And free myself from the chains of circumstance Lose myself in a strangers kiss And forget this world even exists But girl I’m not here looking for romance So shut up and dance Hide inside the night from what the daylight lets us see So for just one moment we can feel as though we’re free I thought the lights on oxford street were put up just for me But they blind you child until that’s all that you see And now, I’m lit up with the kind of spark That you can only see in the dark to really understand Oh, don’t they hear my heart beating Or feel the things I can Lose my mind, let my heart hold sway In revenge for the crack that widens every day We all die here one step at a time I’m alive right now and the night is mine And I’m clutching tight as if it were my last chance See my reflection in my drinking glass and smile Take my heart off the leash and just let it run wild I’ve got a gift for the world I keep hidden in my pants So come up and dance So happy in denial at the kind of life we lead (We have) everything we want and nothing that we need In a world that never sleeps there’s no one left to dream This isn’t all there is it’s just the way it seems Come up and dance, come up and dance Come up and dance, come up and dance
Remorse 03:17
Remorse (Sorry Baby) It’s a shame to show myself to the door I’ll admit this has all been fun But there are some things in a man I’ve been looking for And I’m it turns out you’re not the one Sorry Baby You could’ve been a tiger if you’d let yourself be But you just wanted to be tamed Now I’m the animal that wants to be set free And honey, you’re the cage Sorry baby I took the keys to your car and away I sped You slumped and the pillows just sagged I meant what I said – you’re really good in bed I need a lover who knows how to be bad Sorry baby
Open Up 06:28
Open Up It’s got to be perfect says she But life is ticking You’re not tricking me Watching you in resentment and in awe You’re still the same little girl as before Open up your legs and heart to me I’ll show you all you really need to see The stars are looking fine But you can watch them anytime You should be laying down here beside me I won you over didn’t I? Won you fair and square And between God and you and me I’m the only one who cares Open up your legs and heart to me I need you right now Open up your legs and heart to me I need you right now If there’s a door to the heavens I’m sure your body is a key Turn your eyes to the ground Give in to me You can pick up your prayers as soon as you leave Show some beauty in this world and maybe I’ll believe it’s true There’s someone watching over you The way I am now Open up your legs and heart to me I need you right now You’re all that is sacred here to me I need you right now Need you right now


Nightsong EP


released February 15, 2013

See Individual credits.

All songs written by Gideon K

Artwork by Dan Slavinsky

"If you follow a route to an intersection where garage rock meets jazz, where rockabilly meets gothic and where country meets punk, you might well see Black Hay sitting roadside ready to scrounge a cigarette and tell you a few stories.

Stories that you might subsequently find on their Nightsong EP.

Stories that are shadowy – skewed romantica if you will – with echoes of Nick Cave and Mark Lanegan at their most dark hearted and compelling." – Mad Mackerel


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Black Hay London, UK

Black Hay is the project of London-born Gideon K and a motley crew of collaborators.

Previously described as "Worse than Leonard Cohen", Black Hay's music has gone from noirish garage rock, to grungey alt-country low-rock, via DIY house-bound balladry, to a current incarnation of cold-hearted post-punk indie synth-tronica.

The new single 'Always Be Mine' is out now.
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